HUGEL is ready to take the next step in his musical evolution. His new single ‘Gym Quarantine' is a tour de force of how to get a party started. Simply said, here's an instant anthem perfectly blending tech house vibes with vocal house and bouncy drops.

When ‘Gym Quarantine' drops, the feeling is meant to be glorious and uplifting. HUGEL uses the popular tech house sound to create a euphoric tune that will get smiles on the faces anytime, whether you're in a club, at a festival, or hosting your private home quarantine party – this is a record to lift those spirits.

“In this weird time of isolation, I felt like I wanted to put a smile on your face. So I created this Gym Anthem. I recorded my own vocals so I could speak to you as if I was sitting on your couch! This song will accompany you during all your workouts with me as your personal trainer. Whether at home or in the park, you will never be alone again cause I’ll be in your ears! “HUGEL

HUGEL – Gym Quarantine