Hailing from Belgium, Jason Thurell has unveiled a spectacular new song released on Lost In Fire imprint titled “Tear Down My Walls”. The upbeat summer hit is undoubtedly poised to become one of the biggest tracks released in for the summer. Jason’s career has seen success after success, and a plethora of support from some of the world’s biggest names within electronic music. Most notably, his previous song “Young & Reckless” gained over one million YouTube views, 1.5 million Spotify streams, and was in the Top 50 streaming charts in Sweden.

With high-end guitar rhythms & catchy hooks, Jason Thurell is taking his tracks to a new realm of electronic dance music. Embodying everything loved about the genre by millions of people worldwide, his skillful production style compliments the vocal perfectly. This incredible combination makes it incredibly clear that the line between pop and dance has all but disappeared. The single exemplifies the talent of Thurell in a playful, yet meaningful way which resonates with anybody listening. Ultimately, it is the perfect anthem for a summer adventure anywhere in the world.

Jason Thurell – Tear Down My Walls