It’s interesting to think about how many of the 60,000 songs uploaded to Spotify daily are created by musicians who make a living from their music compared to those made by talented individuals still figuring out how to turn their skills into a career.

Nobody knows for sure, but we all can assume it’s A LOT (…I’d bet over 95%)

This disconnect is even more frustrating when you think you have all the right pieces in place:

You’re still working your day job, making music at random hours, hoping your next release will get on the map and single-handedly pay your rent.

That sounds like the same expectations you had when your first EP dropped, too, right?

So let’s change that…

To navigate the initial (and arguably most challenging) stages of your career as a producer, you need actionable steps, honest advice, differing opinions, and out-of-the-box ideas.

You have no idea how fast your career takes off once you have the luxury of genuinely eating, sleeping, and breathing music 24/7, and this book is designed to get you to that point.

For now, let’s shelve the ideas of a Beatport #1 hit, headlining gigs, and A-list collaborations in place of simply dialing in on making you those first initial paychecks that will pay your rent, keep you fed, and can have no other professional obligations than to make more music.

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What’s In It?

The book is divided into five sections, laid out in a way that should, I hope, be easy to track alongside your progression as an artist. The book’s early sections discuss myths and misconceptions about the modern music production space to give you a better picture of the broader landscape. Only with this knowledge can you recognize when you’re ready to go pro in the first place (there’s a whole section to help with this, too).

We’ll talk about defining your space in a crowded marketplace and how playing the long game is the golden ticket to lasting success. The overarching theme is building an impressive “resume” in an industry where nobody cares where you got your degree (or even if you have one).

We then move on to creating and leveraging your initial resources, using what you have to get involved with producers and professionals who are ahead of you in your career, and ways to help them and, in return, get a helping hand yourself.

Then, we bring it all home by discussing various ways to monetize your skills and assets to create an initial stream of revenue that can grow over time (we’re starting to see a finish line at this point). We then discuss the next steps and gloss over the possibilities once you’ve jumped to “doing music” full-time.

What This Book Is

  • 41 pages of high-quality, no-BS advice on navigating the early stages of the music industry ✅ 
  • Actionable steps that worked for me and my colleagues, and that might work for you ✅ 
  • Out-of-the-box thinking that helped me navigate the realities of the music industry ✅ 
  • Pictures of the most talented producers I’ve had the opportunity to befriend throughout my career ✅ 

What This Book Is NOT

  • This is NOT a magic bullet solution to getting paid for music. Instead, it’s anecdotal, albeit proven, advice on using what you have to make your name in a favor-driven industry. ✅
  • It’s not advocating for what should be. In a perfect world, talent and skill would be enough. Instead, it talks about how to find your place in a world that’s as selfish as it is symbiotic. ✅
  • It’s NOT selling you anything. Most eBooks will hook you on a product or service. We’re a publication that shares quality info and maybe signs your music (…more on that at the end of the book). ✅

Samples And Snippets

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