Jay Newman presents an exciting Progressive House release with his two-track EP, ‘Think About You’. Released via Luscious Vibrations, the production brings attention to Jay Newman’s powerful sound and continuously evolving creativity, blending the elements of Progressive, Deep, and Melodic House to create an engaging listen. As he works to curate a distinct sonic identity, Jay Newman showcases determination to keep discovering fresh ways to integrate originality into his productions, and this latest release proves to be no different: offering listeners bold soundscapes detailed with beats, driving basslines, and captivating melodies, the tracks featured on this new EP certainly come as a compelling demonstration of Jay Newman’s talents.

Fresh from the release of his singles, ‘With You’, and ‘Infinite Vision’, the Producer and DJ is rapidly building momentum, continuing with a release schedule that keeps seeing him drop hard-hitting tracks. With a signature sound that marries elements from genres like Deep and Melodic House with the electrifying sounds of Techno, Jay Newman is gaining attention, and with VIP names like Steve Lawler and Eats Everything having offered their support for his music, he surely remains on a trajectory to growing his reputation further and gaining a fanbase of genre enthusiasts from around the globe.

Opening the EP with the track, ‘Becoming’, listeners are immediately immersed in a layer of sound; with beats, glowing synth lines, vocal textures, and a bassline, the track appears detailed in sonic makeup. As rhythmic elements, enthralling risers, and panned synths guide through the breakdown, the track is quickly invigorated once again as a powerful bass, uplifting details, and an energetic drum kit join the mix. A sonic journey through an innovative production, ‘Becoming’ sets the tone of the EP, raising Jay Newman’s creative bar even higher.

The title track, ‘Think About You’, delivers just as an impressive listening experience. Featuring the vocals of Salacia, the production weaves together an engaging mix of sonic elements as Salacia adds engaging vibes with her melodies and spoken lines. As the beat keeps the track driving forward, a bassline, dynamic pads, and synth hooks add to the mighty sound of the track, elevating the energy even further. An auditory adventure that is both engaging and stimulating, ‘Think About You’ takes listeners on a voyage of discovery, unraveling into a track haunting in sound yet enthralling in energy.

With his abilities and skillset in producing impactful music on display, this new EP surely comes as a perfect example of Jay Newman’s potential and a release not to be missed. So, a rising star to keep watching closely, follow Jay Newman across social media to stay up-to-date with his upcoming releases and performances. ‘Think About You’ (EP) is out now via Luscious Vibrations and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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