If there is one thing that Bassnectar is good at, its combining styles into truly original productions. Seeing the artist perform live is nothing short of breathtaking as he seamlessly mixes down unexpected tunes. It is no wonder that Bassnectar has one of the largest cult followings in all of dance music.

Bassnectar – Reflective (Part 3)

The third installment of Bassnectar's Reflective mixtape series is a true work of excellence. I will be the first to admit, that I have often been critical of Bassnectar over the years, but upon listening through this new album, I am nothing short of blown away.

The album contains 4 original productions and 3 remixes. Each of the songs has a style all their own. Listening through Reflective (Part 3) is a sonic journey. An ambient opening greets listeners in the form of Lorin's remix of ‘FSOSF'. Next comes a series of bass-heavy, driving dark beats that the world has come to associate with Nectar.

In the closing act, tunes like ‘The Mothership' provided a different side of Bassnectar rarely seen. Instead of including an onslaught of heavy wubs, Bassnectar took a more subtle approach. All in all, this is a remarkable effort from one of dance music's most established names.