ADRIANNA is a prominent name in the tech-house and techno scenes, renowned for her high-energy performances and dynamic productions. Her music combines hard-hitting beats with powerful vocals, creating an immersive sound that captivates audiences globally. 

Her latest single, “Wild Electric,” exemplifies her style with pulsating rhythms and energetic melodies. Released in early 2024, it quickly charted on the Beatport Hype Charts and gained widespread support from fans and DJs. “Wild Electric” captures the vibrant energy ADRIANNA is known for, with remixes by acid house pioneers 808 State and more to come later in 2024.

Beyond the studio, ADRIANNA has an impressive lineup of live performances for 2024. She will headline major festivals across Europe, including Creamfields and Groovebox Festival, performing alongside industry legends like Roger Sanchez and Riva Starr. Adrianna is also set to play at We Love Fest, promising unforgettable sets that showcase her exceptional skills as a DJ and producer.

With a packed summer schedule ahead of her, we’re stoked to have an exclusive mix and interview with his exciting new talent. 

Magnetic Mix 224: ADRIANNA

Interview With ADRIANNA

‘Wild Electric’ has been described as a high-octane acid tech odyssey. Can you elaborate on the creative process behind this track and what inspired its unique sound?

I wanted to make a track that really shook the dancefloor. Something that was techno and heavy but with lyrics that were still positive and uplifting with energetic synths and intensity. 

How does it feel to have electronic legends 808 State remix your music?

It’s truly incredible. Not originally being from the UK it’s an honour to have “Wild Electric” remixed by such an iconic group that are so admired. I love the spin they put on the Remix, especially the percussion at the end, It’s so cool!

You’ve performed alongside major names like Adam Beyer and Charlotte de Witte. How have these experiences influenced your live performances and music production?

Sharing a line-up with these huge artists is inspiring, I always do my research and dig deeper into their catalogues. If a promoter is putting me on the same line-up, it connects me with an audience who they feel will most likely enjoy the music I play. It gives me the opportunity to expand my repertoire by learning more about the other artists sounds and the audience they attract. I tweak and test new music with the crowd to see how they react and how I can expand my sound.

Your residency at EGG in London and upcoming festival bookings signal a busy year ahead. What can fans expect from your live sets during this tour?

A lot of energy, I love when people come to the shows and lose it on the dance floor. I hope that for the duration of the sets they get lost in the music and forget about anything else. Just be there in the moment and have fun.

‘Confidence’ was a Beatport Hype hit last year. How do you approach maintaining momentum and continually pushing boundaries in your music career?

Continually producing and releasing new tracks, making sure my sound is consistent yet evolving at the same time. Sometimes a track is released, 6 months a year after I made it and my sound has changed since then, but I always want to be making music that will fit into my DJ sets get people dancing.

Your Temple stage at Electric Garden festival featured a diverse roster of DJs. How do you curate these lineups, and what’s your vision for these events?

I like having a diverse roster that blends seamlessly. It keeps it fresh for the crowd and exciting. My vision for any Temple event is just good vibes. Wherever you are from, whatever you look like or are wearing or anything, you are welcome. I have people message me saying “I’m so excited, I’m coming to your event but I’m coming by myself” and that is cool, anyone is welcome just bring your good energy and be prepared to dance and enjoy yourself. 

Publications like Mixmag and CLASH Magazine have supported your work. How important is media recognition for you, and how do you think it impacts your career?

I really appreciate the support from media and publications. The internet plays a huge role in connecting with promoters and fans so I’m grateful for that coverage and support. 

With a diverse line-up of gigs ranging from Ibiza’s Blue Marlin to Creamfields in Cheshire, how do you adapt your setlists to suit different venues and audiences?

I do keep the venue, country and event in mind, but ultimately, I want to bring my own style where I’m going and hopefully introduce something different. I think about what I would want to listen to if I was on the dance floor in that environment. I bring a lot more music than I need so I can switch it up if necessary or if another DJ on the line-up is late or something there is plenty of tracks to keep the party going. 

Tell us about the mix you’ve created for us – what kind of vibe were you going for? 

The mix is mostly techno with high energy. There are a lot of vocals in the mix and some of my favourite songs I’ve been playing in my sets lately. Most of the tracks are new releases and several are inspired by rave sounds from the 90’s.

As you prepare for major performances at festivals like SONAR in Barcelona and FORBIDDEN FESTIVAL in Lincolnshire, what are some of the key elements you focus on to deliver an unforgettable experience for the crowd?

I like to bring a lot of fresh tracks, a mix of unreleased and newly released music, as well as some familiar ones. I’ll be keeping my time slot in mind, and that it’s summer, and a lot of gigs are outdoors. I’ll 100% be bringing big hard-hitting tunes with a lot of impact.

Aside from the Wild Electric remixes, what else should we be looking out for from you this year?

I’ve been in the studio working on new music and have several techno tracks ready to be released. I’ll be touring around Europe over the summer then heading to South America to perform as well as releasing on a label over there.


Non Human Animal – Ten Eight Seven

Elude You – (Deborah De Luca Remix)

Bring Back – Krzysiek Teper 

Flashback 98 – Monika Kruse

Neon Lights – Liam Wilson, Lee Coulson

Hexen – Sian

So Loud – Sisko Electrofanatik, T78

Wild Electric – ADRIANNA

Gimme The Word – HI-LO, Alan Fitzpatrick

Demon Noise – My House 

The Second Veil – (AnDe Trois Remix) heatscore, Annie Hill

You Are – Metodi Hristov

This Is – Melgazzo 

Tell Me Why – feat. Rachel Wallace (Whack Edit)

Different Twins – Chapter Two 

New Life – Bart Skils, HOF (DE)

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