Almost nothing has made me as happy about 2018 as Deorro's decision to return wholeheartedly to the bounce subgenre. In his latest release alongside Vikstrom, Deorro crafts a tune that will drive crowds wild for the foreseeable future.

Deorro & Vikstrom – ‘D.F.T.F.'

After a minute long intro and tension build ‘D.F.T.F.'explosively takes off with an incredibly high energy bounce drop. As the tune progresses, a melodic break of sorts takes place before dropping back into a rowdy for the ending.

Deorro has always been a master of creating the unexpected, ‘D.F.T.F.' only further proves this statement. One of the aspects of this record which I appreciate is the slight change up in drops. Without the different elements across the high energy sections, this song would become boring pretty quick. Fortunately, Deorro once again proves he knows exactly what he is doing.

Check out the new single below.