Step into DJ/Producer Goldspek’s musical world as she shares her top 10 favorite tracks, each offering a glimpse into her diverse influences and emotional journey. With a passion for blending ethereal melodies with strong grooves, Goldspek’s journey through music has been shaped by a multitude of musical inspirations, from the nostalgic allure of Kaskade’s “4 AM” to the soul-stirring resonance of Kyle Watson’s “Solace,” every song holds a special place in her heart; so come with us while we revisit timeless classics and discover new resonances, as Goldspek invites you to join her on a reflective exploration of music’s transformative power.

  1. Kaskade- 4 AM

This song brings back memories of when I first started listening to Electronic music and the many many nights spent listening to it with my friends or meditating and listening to it on my own.

  1. Kyle Watson, Apple Gule- Solace

The lyrics in this song really helped me process the feelings of grief when my beloved father passed away about 4 years ago. Kyle Watson has also been an influential artist in my journey in general and is a huge inspiration behind the Bass sounds that I create.

  1. Christian Loffler- Haul

This is another song I remember listening to and meditating to in my living room in my earlier days of listening to Electronic music. It definitely has helped shape the dreamy and meditative nature of my tracks.

  1. Rodriguez Jr- What is Real?

Rodriguez Jr is also one of the first artists I was exposed to in my journey with Electronic music. I remember hearing the complexity in the synth sounds that he creates and wondering how he makes his music sound as smooth as butter. I now strive to make synth sounds that are just as complex and smooth as his.

  1. Rinzen- Skin

I remember hearing this track and learning more about Rinzen’s music after listening to this track. His productions and music have been a major source of inspiration for me as an artist.

  1. ARTBAT- Return to OZ

I love this track because to this day, I think the second drop on this track is the most epic drop of all time. There is no track that even comes close for me when it comes to that. I also had the pleasure of hearing one of their sets live and it was a magical experience.

  1. Oliver Koletzki, HVOB-Bones

Both Oliver Koletzki and HVOB are artist projects that I listened to a lot in my earlier days of Electronic music and still listen to. This is one of my favorites of theirs.

  1. DAVI- Lie Machine

I listen to and respect DAVI’s productions as an artist. This was the first song of his that I liked and connected with. I think the emotions behind the lyrics and the singer, and the overall melody of this track is why I connected with this track a lot.

  1. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

This whole particular album of this band and especially ‘Sex on Fire’ were songs that I have listened to over and over again in my 20’s. I think it was again the emotions and feelings felt so strongly through the songs in this album that made it one of my favorites.

  1. TACHES- Unrequited Love Affair

This track also has the dreamy melody and female vocals that I often tend to relate to. But this track to this day is probably my favorite TACHES track and one of my favorites of all time.

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