Jessica Golich is an entrepreneur, cannabis influencer, author and TikToker. Jessica’s first book, Opening The Cosmic Doors was released on Amazon Kindle in August. When asked why Jessica chose this Weedsday playlist with tracks by Massive Attack, Santigold and others, she shared: The experience of good music and cannabis = tranquility. Esteemed as a powerful force of expression, music conveys important messages, challenges predictability and evokes emotional realizations through stimulating the chemical and electrical impulses that power the mechanisms of the brain. Music simultaneously conjures memories and leads the mind to the evocation of influential realizations.”

1. Tori Amos - “Datura”

Tori’s songwriting is hypnotic. I strongly believe that Tori Amos is one of the greatest writers of our time. I draw a lot of inspiration from her metaphorical writing style. Oh, the things that I would do to sit and soak up wisdom from that woman……

2. Sneaker Pimps - “Walking Zero”

This song allows me to transport myself into the headspace of recognizing how small I am on this Earth. And in that very realization, I am liberated. I am very fascinated by Sneaker Pimp’s Founder Chris Corner’s idiosyncratic mind. We met in Joshua Tree at Walmart a few years back; can you say synchronicity?

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3. Massive Attack - “Group Four”

I have always wanted to feel the rush of visiting Berghain in Berlin. This song transports me to a place in my imagination that makes me feel like I’m there. I had the honor of sitting in the orchestra pit when Massive Attack came to the USA in 2019; it was mesmerizing.

4. Morcheeba - “Tape Loop”

I am a deeply introspective individual. Morcheeba’s album, ‘Who Can You Trust’, has been elemental in me understanding my current life experience. “Tape Loop” reminds me to slow down the tape loop in my mind and remain present.

5. Santigold - “Creator”

Santigold uses songwriting and colorful expression to unabashedly convey her feelings about the world. She tackles societal issues and is a freedom fighting human who writes with grace and a tenacity that is felt; a true artist.