Jessy Lanza is next up in the DJ-Kicks mix series. To preview the 26-track mix, she shares a new single and video for “Seven 55” with labelmate Loraine James.

“I wrote ‘Seven 55’ about a close friend and his inability to commit. I fantasized about the women caught in his web and wrote ‘Seven 55’ from their point of view," says Lanza about the song and video. "I think it’s important to face a nightmare head on so what better place than Las Vegas to shoot the video for a song about longing and denial. In the video, Winston [H Case, the director] captures people in liminal spaces in limbo between destinations during their weekend in Vegas.”

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Jessy Lanza’s DJ-Kicks will be released on November 19. At that point, she will be on tour across the US with Caribou, which you can check out dates here. Pre-order your copy of the DJ-Kicks comp here.


1. Jessy Lanza - Guess What
2. Jessy Lanza - Seven 55 featuring Loraine James
3. Jessy Lanza - Wet x3 featuring Taraval
4. DJ Spookie - Twilite
5. Michael J. Blood - Lip Biter
6. Mr Ho + Mogwaa - Bail - E
7. Crystal - Jungli - la [Joe Howe Club Mix]
8. Masarima - Freak Lke U [Club Mix]
9. Golden Donna - Foaming
10. Mafia Boyz - Teaspoon La Qoh
11. Markus Mann - I’m Losing
12. Jim C. Nedd - Maleka
13. Maarten Van Der Vleuten - Nightshift
14. Secret Werewolf - Yage
15. Grain - Untitled B2
16. Gant - Man - Distorted Sensory [Loefah’s Southside Rmx]
17. G3 - Drum 2 [Peanut]
18. Lolina - A Path of Weeds and Flowers
19. DJ Nehpets - Na Na Na
20. Oyubi - 140yaku
21. DJ Swisha - If the Shoe Fits
22. Jessy Lanza - Heaving featuring Taraval
23. TAH - Beat It Up Like
24. Kanyon - IDFWS
25. EOD - Anubis
26. The Raining Heart - Raining Heart