Over the years, I’ve collected a ton of gear for my studio, turning a once sizable room into one bordering on crammed with various studio tools and toys. None of them sit ideal, either, meaning I’m constantly searching for products that can give me access to all of the different synths, pedals, and sequencers I’ve fallen in love with despite only having “so much” space.

I’ve tried affordable pedal boards and synth racks off Amazon, and they serve a purpose but don’t add to the vibe and aesthetic of the studio in the same way that some of the Codahandmade racks I got a few years ago did.

So, with another year’s worth of collecting gear under my belt, I decided it was high time to check out some of the other offerings of the two-man team of makers and see how some of their other products hold up against the Push 3 rack that I’ve had in my studio and the horizontal pedalboard (which I’ve used to house my multi-effect boxes, drum synth, and Torsoe sequencer).

So, let’s dive into my four favorite things about their desktop pedalboard. We’ll break down what’s cool about it, how you can make it even more incredible, how I’ve used it in the studio, and a ton more.

What Is Codahandmade’s Guitar Pedals Display?

This handmade desktop stand is designed for effects pedals and is ideal for those incorporating pedals into their recording setup. It elevates and angles the pedals for convenient use. Each shelf offers a usable space of 18”x5.5”, and the total dimensions are 19.75”x6.5”x13”. The stand is meticulously cut, fitted, and finished by hand and is made to order.

The shelves feature a 1.5” deep lip to secure pedals. Velcro is recommended for added stability for pedals with hard switches or those needing extra pressure.

The stand is shipped disassembled, requiring only a Phillips head screwdriver for assembly, which takes just a few minutes. Assembly instructions are available below.


Product Dimensions: 19.75”x6.5”x13”

Photos of the “Dark Walnut Stain + Wax” finish option are in progress. Meanwhile, other listings can be referred to for this finish. The stand is also available in a less expensive “Natural Sanded” option, assembled and finely sanded but not stained or sealed. This option suits those who wish to stain the stand themselves to match other studio gear or prefer the natural wood look.

Reasons Why It’s The Best Desktop Pedalboard

#1 They Look Cool

Best Desktop Pedalboard

The first and most apparent reason why Codahandmade’s pedal boards, and pretty much every product on their Etsy shop, to be honest, are so great is simply because they look damn cool.

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, I know that the outdoors and nature are a big part of my life, and I want that quality in my creative space, my music studio. But so many synth racks and pedal boards on the market today are made of cheap metal cranked out of a machine overseas and have few qualities that foster creativity, save that they’re a place to mount synths or pedals.

The stained wood has a dark and very natural feel to it, and studies have shown that nature has a drastic impact on creativity. This makes the racks and stands I’ve collected from Codahandmade all the more valuable in my studio.

#2 They’re Not Just For Pedals

Best Desktop Pedalboard

Having been a professional gear reviewer for a few years, I’ve collected many desktop synths (almost as many as I have pedals!). While the Codahandmade Verticale Desktop Pedalboard bills itself as a pedalboard, I’ve found that it works even better for my synths and sequencers (I can’t decide if I want my Donner bass synth or my Torsoe sequencer in that spot… I’ll get back to you on that).

Either way, desktop synths are great until you get any more than two of them, and they start taking up your entire desktop, leaving room for little else. But the vertical board made for pedals also works equally for my desktop synths, letting me get all the usability that desktop synths pride themselves on without juggling which one is on my desktop any given week.

#3 You Can Make ‘Em Your Own

Best Desktop Pedalboard
A small, affordable towel hook quickly turns into the perfect place for my patch cables

When assembling the vertical pedalboard, there’s a lot of bare, flat surface, which gives a lot of flexibility when customizing it once it’s out of the box and assembled (I’ll talk about this assembly process here in a minute, as it might be a point of friction for some). All this bare space allows you to add hooks for your patch cables like I did, put stickers on your favorite synth companies or bands, or leave it blank for that clean-wood vibe.

So, while Codahandmade doesn’t upsell with many extra features, its minimalist approach to builds and designs gives you a lot of room for interpretation and makes it easy to customize the pedalboards yourself, depending on what you plan on using them for.

#4 Their Team Is Amazing

I debated leading off this list for this reason but decided to save it for last, as most readers will care about the product’s functionality and not so much about the hands and heads behind the products. But the fourth and final reason these desktop pedals are so great is simply because of the two-man team who makes them, a team I’ve been fortunate enough to communicate with a fair amount ever since the brand came onto my radar a few years ago and one that has proven, time nad time again, to be some of the most genuine guys in the game.

Coda Handmade is a musician-focused woodworking company based in Woodstock, Georgia, founded by Tanner Merritt and Derick Haight. This two-person company started in June 2021 and launched on Etsy in September 2021, is a testament to their long-standing friendship of nearly 15 years. Derick brings 20 years of woodworking experience, background in visual art and previous work for a custom furniture company. Tanner is a lifelong musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, having spent nearly 15 years touring with his ambient-influenced heavy rock band, O’Brother. Recently, he has shifted to ambient electronic music, releasing his first solo electronic record in May 2021 and completing his first full US tour in July/August 2022.

Their combined skills and dedication to their craft make them exceptional partners in Coda Handmade. Derick’s woodworking and visual art expertise, coupled with Tanner’s extensive musical background, ensures that each product is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted.

Their shared passion for music and woodworking and their commitment to quality reflect their character as hardworking and talented individuals. Through Coda Handmade, they aim to provide musicians with high-quality, handcrafted items that enhance their creative workflows.

Is Codahandmade’s Pedalboard Right For Me?

I’m starting to become quite a collector of their products…

The flexibility and overall aesthetic of this product make it an easy recommendation, if for any other reason than because of the sheer amount of producer friends who have come to the studio, seen the now-three Codahandmade products that I have in the studio, and were quick to ask what they where and where the heck I got them from. So whether you’re a synth or pedal collector and are looking for a more ergonomic way to have your pedals displayed on your desktop, then you should consider getting one of the many different handmade options they offer (yes, they provide more than just vertical pedalboards – check out their shop!)

The fact that you get handmade, all-wooden products for less than $100 is a pretty solid steal if you ask me.

The only downside I could see is that, to save on shipping, the two guys mail their products disassembled, meaning that you will need a screwdriver to put the pedalboards together. Sure, it’s a minor point of friction that can be alleviated by requesting they ship the product assembled. But it does require an extra step, and one that some, albeit few, customers may miss.

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