The new year brought new releases from our favorite promising up-and-coming artists. Below, you can find the top 5 albums/EPs from emerging stars who have it all to blow up 2021. 

5.Ivy Sole - Southpaw

Ivy Sole is a female rapper from Charlotte, living in Philly. She has a unique style of songwriting that achieves to the point of certain specificity. Her skill is perfectly reflected in her new EP Southpaw. The artist's music is an escape to a better place, and you can join her on the exciting, soulful trip below:

4.almost monday - don't say you're ordinary

With lively rhythms, soaring riffs, and charming lyrics, the collective of almost monday sing of youth and want to "live forever," making the listener get motivated about living life to the fullest as they do. In 2020 they released an EPtitled don't say you're ordinary. You can find the EP below not to miss the fun, soulfulness, and enchanting spirit of the young artists: 

3.Brave New World -  Blossom

Brave New World provide sound full of slamming drums and roars delivering emotive post-hardcore. One of the band's most impressive tracks is "Sour Honey," featured in their debut EP, Blossom. It has passion-filled lyrics, and each stanza holds deep riffs accompanied by voltaic basslines. The EP is Brave New World best body of work yet, and you can listen to it below: 

2.Seekay - Reflections

Seekay, an Australian songwriter-producer, recently released a brand new EP titled Reflections. Each song included in the EP is uniquely healing in its very own way. Seekay's sounds are filled with depth and heart-pumping rhythms. His music is beautifully sophisticated and holds a special ethereal beauty. The lyricism displayed in Reflections is poetic with a touch of soul-steering dreaminess. Most of it is performed by the inspiring vocalist Chloe. You can enter Seekay's world of sounds and face your deepest emotions through listening to Reflections below: 

1.Four Stars -  Headspace

Through upbeat drums played in the backtrack beside energetic guitars, vocalist Aida Ahmed and his pop-punk quartet Four Stars call for change while raising different social issues. In their astonishing "Fool's Gold," they speak out on systemic racism. The song is the band's first single since 2020's Headspace EP, which provided the base of the group's style and cemented their future career success. Find the EP below: