Tim Gunter rose to glory in the hip hop paradigm circa 2010 producing beats for renowned artists the time. Tim soon wandered into the EDM genres and thank god he did, because shortly he found a unique style that will leave you captivated, excited and wanting to hear more.

In his latest release ‘Badman' Tim states the tune is an ‘Ode to 100 BPM'. The slowed down dance hall arrangement style the song pays homage to the tracks which pioneered the methodical island infused sound. Tim mixes in his tantalizing sound design to make ‘Badman' a 3 and a half minute wild ride from start to finish. This release is a powerful way to start f the new year and we are excited to hear more from Tim Gunter as the year progresses. Check out the track below and follow Tim on social media.

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Featured Photo Via Alan Williamson