Melodic house is on the rise, more so today than ever before, and for a good reason.

The east-to-listen-to beats are just as effective in the club scene as they are while doing chores around the house, and while many clubgoers may have gotten into electronic music during the EDM boom a decade ago; many have matured into tasteful fans of the more nuanced genres of club music - of which melodic house was ready and waiting for them. 

Ashibah is no stranger to melodic house, having a string of releases on some of the more popular labels releasing that sound. So to celebrate the release of her latest three-track EP on Lane 8's This Never Happened Label, we invited her on to help us curate the short list of the best melodic house labels in the game right now

"I’m a sucker for arpeggiators and emotional chord progressions that’s why Melodic house is one of my fav genres, especially the uplifting side of it. So I have compiled a list of some of my fav labels and tracks. Some classics and some discoveries." - Ashibah

Stream Ashibah's 'You May Forget' EP Below

Drawing inspiration from the underground clubs of dance music's origins and the soft and listful sonics of modern popularity, Ashibah's sound perfectly encapsulates why the melodic house genre has exploded in popularity over the past three years.

But this rise in popularity also comes at a cost, as it is more difficult than ever to carve out your an in a genre that gets more saturated by the day.

But all three tracks on her latest 'You May Forget' EP, out now on Lane 8's This Never Happened imprint, manage this with ease, blending atmospheric vocals with pounding beats and arps that play off the expectations of the genre in unique and complex ways.

Twisting and dazzling arpeggiators add melodic layers and momentum on top of pounding beats which work together to create a masterclass in the genre.

Buy/Stream ‘You May Forget EP’ here


This sub-label from Anjunabeats is definitely of the labels at the top of my list. It launched in 2005 and has had releases from some of my favorite artists in the melodic house. 

Such as Qrion, Ben Böhmer, Dusky, Lane 8, Eli & Fur and many more. I started listening to Anjunadeep around 2011/2012 when I was in my Deep house phase and discovered Lost In You by Dusky and Diamonds by Lane 8 and Solomon Grey. I was hooked and have loved this label's evolution since. 

I still love their releases and listen to them.

Best Songs On Anjunadeep

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I think the album I have listened to the most from start to end in the last couple of years is 'Little By Little' by Lane 8. 

So much inspiration in the studio has come from this album. Since then, I fell in love with the label and its releases—beautiful emotional toplines, driving, and melancholic progressions that grab you instantly. 

From Electronica to Melodic house, this label takes you all over with class.

Best Songs From This Never Happened


This label needs no intro! 

I grew up in the 90s, and this was always an excellent place to look when it came to progressive, trance, or melodic house music. The Pete Tong compilations, Paul Oakenfold sessions and Sasha, John Digweed Northern Exposure releases, and much more. 

Ministry of Sound was a big part of my electronic music soundtrack growing up in Cairo, where we had raves in the deserts we used to sneak out to. 

Of course, they had so many sub-labels was hard to keep track but still, to this day, I listen to their releases and stay tuned to what they are cooking. For example, London Grammar’s album from 2021 has been a repeat since it came out.

Best Songs From Ministry Of Sound


This Berlin-based label has been hard to ignore with the number of killer releases it has released in recent years. 

Since I work a lot with vocals, I love a good topline, and this label has many of them. It is filled with great songs and vocalists with a sweet spot between Melodic house and Afro House. 

Their roster is filled with artists like Monolink, WhoMadeWho, Robyn, Röyksopp, and many more. It’s a label I listen to a lot when it comes to musical inspiration, for sure.

Best Songs From Embassy One