Returning to the infamous London imprint Another Rhythm, is Dj and producer hailing from Europe, Daniel Orpi, with his chaotic-sounding EP “Dance Partner”. 

The groove-ready EP is coated in rich basslines, chopped vocal samples of spoken word poetry, and the classic sound of shuffle drum machines that distances your mind from everything else. Featuring three tracks released alongside their extended mixes, the EP is a DJ-friendly one and can be expected to be heard at nightclubs far and beyond.

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“Dance Partner” is a combination of explosive tech-house, jazz chords and floor-stomping tribal rhythms - a combination of sound which works perfectly for the forward-thinking tech-house producer. 

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On "Portobello Road", you can hear this blend of shuffling drums, repetitive rolling basslines and distant vocals all creating a sense of discontent from reality. The EP’s title track which kicks things off, “Dance Partner” explores a more tribal sound with vocal chops blended with a 135bmp drum track.

Speaking on the new release, Orpi writes, "Even though the track speaks about lovers, my inspiration was about finding self love and having awareness of true love for ourselves. The sounds are made in tone with the frequency of love, which helps to raise your vibration."

Dance Partner is out now on all streaming platforms.

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