Whether you are facing tough times right now due to the pandemic or are just looking to make a switch to the music industry, there's really no better time than right now. Today, we're proud to announce the new job board section on our website to help you find jobs in the music industry.

How To Use EDM Sauce's Job Board

In order to use EDM Sauce's new job board, you can either go to this page here and search for music jobs near you or your desired location, or you can navigate to one of the pre-specified areas of hiring and enter in your location.

Music Jobs

  • Audio Engineer Jobs
  • Audio Recording Internship
  • Church Music Jobs
  • Composer Jobs
  • Dance Instructor Jobs
  • Music A&R Jobs
  • Music Attorney Jobs
  • Music Business Jobs
  • Music Director Jobs
  • Music Faculty Jobs
  • Music Festival Jobs
  • Music Marketing Jobs
  • Music Production Internships
  • Music Programming Jobs
  • Music Studio Jobs
  • Music Teacher Jobs
  • Music Therapy Jobs
  • Play Teacher Jobs
  • Record Label Jobs
  • Social Media Marketing Jobs
  • Sound Design Jobs
  • Tour Manager Jobs
  • Voice Teacher Jobs
  • Worship Pastor Jobs
  • Music Industry Internships

Music Industry Jobs in Popular Cities

  • Music Jobs in Atlanta, GA
  • Music Jobs in Boston, MA
  • Music Jobs in Chicago, IL
  • Music Jobs in Cincinnati, OH
  • Music Jobs in Denver, CO
  • Music Jobs in Detroit, MI
  • Music Jobs in Los Angeles, CA
  • Music Jobs in Nashville, TN
  • Music Jobs in New Jersey
  • Music Jobs in New York City
  • Music Jobs in Philadelphia, PA
  • Music Jobs in Seattle, WA

We wish you the best for your future endeavors!