Mija Releases Track List for Her Highly Anticipated Debut EP

If you’ve been following Mija on Twitter, then you might’ve noticed her dropping some major hints about her debut EP, How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers.

In a series photos and text, she revealed the remaining six track names on her EP, aside from ‘bad for u’ (feat. Kelli Schaefer), which was released a month ago. Fans have eagerly been waiting for more news regarding the EP and she finally delivered.

Judging by ‘bad for u’ Mija is going in an interesting and unique direction with her music. With her “fk a genre” mantra, we can’t wait to hear what the rest the EP sounds like!

Mija – How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers Tracklist

1. notice me
3. 5am in paris
4. never forget
5. speak to me
6. falling apart (again)
7. the last song i ever wrote u