Minneapolis native and current Denver resident TruFeelz brings what he calls “happy & heavy bass music” to the scene.  His music has a unique sound that blends Future, Electro, Funk, Trap, Bass and Dubstep.  His latest track “Don’t Stray Too Far” starts f in a chill tone, and immediately adds in some subtle Future samples before the calming vocals do their thing.  As many TruFeelz tracks do, the vocals in “Don’t Stray Too Far” are his own.  They give f a cool tropical, poppy, rock feel that make you want to close your eyes and sing along.  After the short lyrical journey, the build climbs up, and then drops hard into some mind blowing bass.  This track is great overall and is worthy hitting play in any setting.

TruFeelz – “Don’t Stray Too Far” is out now!