Fyre Festival was almost a full year ago. It is funny to think that at this time last year I was closely talking to their PR team, preparing for a once in a life time experience. Then out no where in March – all communication stopped. Initially I was a little pissed, then it all made sense when the first weekend started. Fyre Festival was only an idea, and never truly existed in reality. In hindsight it made perfect sense considering what they were selling for an incredibly cheap rate. Well if you were one the thousands that bought tickets to Fyre Festival you might have noticed some weird emails showing up in your inbox as late, fering extravagant experiences that seem downright unrealistic.

To Good To Be True…Again?

Vice News has reported that many attendees are seeing emails selling experiences that are basically pretty sketchy at discount prices. Want to attend the Met Ball which hosts some the biggest celebrities and socialites in the world, and usually cost $30,000 a seat? Well they can make that happen at a suspiciously cheap rate (relatively speaking). Want to eat dinner with the Cavs and get a one on one photo opp with LeBron James? That will only cost you about $3000. So a lot people on Fyre Festival's email list are asking – what the actual fuck is going on.

Fyre Festival Attendees Are Getting Sketchy Emails For Extravagant Unrealistic Offers

Vice reached out to a 20 year old based in California who went by “Tribble” as his company was the one behind fering these experiences. Vice also reported in detail that Tribble was beyond vague in how his brand acquired tickets to these experiences, and also denied any knowledge why Fyre Festival attendees would be on his email list.

Needless to say folks, if you are getting these emails, do not give this man or company any your money. And if you already have we kind have to say that it is financial Darwinism at this point. You can read the full in depth article through Vice in the link above.