Eric Luttrell, known professionally as Luttrell, is a San Francisco native whose electronic music journey has been dynamic and inspiring. Initially part of the indie dance group The M Machine, Luttrell gained early recognition with releases under the OWSLA label and performances at major festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival.

His transition to a solo career saw him embracing a sound characterized by melodic house with influences from indie rock, the ’80s, and ’90s vibes. Luttrell’s solo work, particularly under the Anjunadeep label, showcases his ability to blend driving, energetic beats with emotive, atmospheric melodies, creating tracks that resonate deeply with listeners.

Luttrell’s music is often described as a rich tapestry of sound that combines the dramatic chords of trance with the intricate layers of house and techno. His debut solo album, “Into Clouds,” released in 2019, is a testament to his talent and vision, offering a collection of varied and cohesive tracks. The album explores personal growth and introspection themes, encouraging listeners to attribute their experiences and emotions to the music.

In this article, we have hand-picked ten artists who share a similar sound and artistic vision with Luttrell. These artists, ranging from the veteran deep house producer Martin Roth to the innovative emerging talent of Giovanny Aparicio, all exhibit a commitment to storytelling through their music.

Whether you are a long-time fan of Luttrell or new to his music, these artists offer a diverse yet cohesive extension of the melodic house and techno sounds that define Luttrell’s career.

Our Handpicked List Of Artists Who Sound Like Luttrell


Cubicolor is a British/Dutch trio comprising Peter Kriek, Ariaan Olieroock, and Tim Digby-Bell.

Known for their blend of electronic music and songwriting, Cubicolor’s music has crossed over 70 million streams across their first two albums. Their journey mirrors Luttrell’s in their willingness to change and experiment with new sounds. They often combine electronic elements with acoustic instruments to create nuanced yet indie-inspired dance music. Their approach to music and their place in the industry makes them an easily comparable group to Luttrell.

Martin Roth

Berlin-based Martin Roth is well known for his deep house and progressive sounds, much like Luttrell. Seeing as they’ve both released extensively on Anjunadeep, it’s no wonder they have such a uniquely similar vibe.

With a career spanning over two decades, Roth’s classical piano training is evident in his productions, which have no other descriptive word than “mature,” though “dope” is another applicable synonym. His ability to blend the classical with the contemporary resonates with Luttrell’s melodic and energetic style. Roth’s journey through the electronic music scene’s highs and lows adds depth to his music, making him a heavy-hitting name.


Toronto-based duo Beije crafts music that blends hypnotic rhythms with melancholic melodies, creating unforgettable moments on the dance floor.

Their journey began with a transformative experience at a music festival, similar to Luttrell’s pivotal moments at Burning Man. Beije’s dedication to exploring the underground scene and their use of innovative gear like the Moog Grandmother and Roland TR-8 show their commitment to pushing boundaries in electronic music.


Tom Marshall, known as Marsh, is a British producer whose work in deep and progressive houses has garnered significant attention.

Backed by major names like Joris Voorn and Pete Tong, Marsh’s music is characterized by its emotional depth and melodic structure. His sophomore album ‘Lailonie’ has achieved over 12 million streams, and his ability to craft emotive dancefloor-ready productions aligns closely with Luttrell’s career path.


Chad Vasquez, the man behind Discognition, has a story that resonates with determination and passion. Having started his musical journey in high school, Discognition’s path significantly shifted during college.

Like Luttrell, his experiences at live shows fueled his desire to create and perform. His focus on deep and progressive house and fun-loving DJ persona make him a standout artist with a unique sound.


Amonita is a Moscow-based DJ and producer known for her deep, emotive tracks that transport listeners into a dreamlike state.

Nature and personal experiences often inspire her music, creating a deeper connection with her audience and growing fanbase. Amonita’s dedication to crafting immersive and heartfelt music echoes Luttrell’s own approach to creating memorable melodic house tracks.


Omeria is a rising star in the melodic house scene. He is known for his well-executed productions and emotionally charged performances.

Like Luttrell, Omeria’s music journey reflects a deep commitment to exploring the boundaries and outlying genres of dance music. His tracks often feature soaring soundscapes and melodic hooks that profoundly touch listeners’ hearts, making him a compelling artist to keep on your radar.


D-Nox, a veteran in the electronic music scene, brings a wealth of experience and a distinctive style to his productions. His journey through various genres within electronic music mirrors Luttrell’s exploration and evolution.

D-Nox’s ability to connect with audiences through his dynamic sets makes him a rare breed in today’s producer-focused industry. This guy truly is a DJ’s DJ, which makes him a significant figure in the melodic house and techno scenes worldwide (but predominantly in South America).


Urem is an artist whose productions are known for their deep, atmospheric quality and intricate melodies. His music often blends melodic house and techno elements, creating emotionally resonant and rhythmically dense tracks.

Like Luttrell, Urem’s approach to music focuses on crafting immersive worlds filled with the highest highs and blissful lows. Urem’s unique sound and artistic vision align closely with the emotive and melodic qualities that define Luttrell’s music. ​

Giovanny Aparicio

Giovanny Aparicio is an emerging talent in the electronic music scene, known for his innovative approach to melodic house.

His music often features dark textures and rich melodies, which are amazing for his club sets just as much as they are for casual listening at home or on an iPhone. Giovanny’s dedication to pushing electronic music’s boundaries and ability to craft emotionally resonant tracks make him a perfect addition to this list, aligning well with Luttrell’s musical journey.

What Type Of Music Is Luttrell?

While Luttrell’s DJ sets often feature music from a wide range of genres, his main genre is melodic house music, which he is known for in his releases.

Melodic house is a subgenre of house music that emphasizes melodic elements, creating an emotional and uplifting experience for listeners. It combines the rhythmic foundations of traditional house music with melodic hooks and harmonies often borrowed from genres like pop and trance. This fusion results in a danceable and emotionally resonant sound, making it a popular choice for both casual listening and dance floors.

One of the distinguishing features of the melodic house is the use of live instruments, such as guitars and pianos, which add an organic and human touch to the music. This contrasts with traditional house music, which relies heavily on electronic sounds and samples. Incorporating live instruments helps create a richer, more textured sound that can evoke deeper emotional responses from listeners, making the genre more accessible to a broader audience.

Must-See DJ Sets From Eric Luttrell

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