Madeon is one of those staple EDM producers we’ve been hearing about since 2012. After releasing his first EP The City, he quickly became known for his unique glitchy, pop-esque style. It’s been a while since we’ve seen new material from him as his last album was released in 2015. Recently however, it was noticed that the young producer has listed “Retired” in his Twitter biography. Now, he’s worked with iconic musicians such as Porter Robinson, Lady Gaga, and Passion Pit, and at the young age of 24 one would think he has a lot more in store for his fans. Madeon Causes Confusion by Listing "Retired" in Twitter Bio

Here’s where the confusion starts. Just last November, he announced that he would be releasing his next project in 2018. At first, many speculated that the anonymous artist Deathpact was Madeon’s new project, but Rezz and Madeon himself squashed those rumors. It’s been understood that he has been working on a new album, but after listing retired in his bio could he have called it quits?

Honestly, we don’t know the answer but its highly unlikely that Madeon is actually throwing the towel in. Listed in his Twitter profile are tweets that contradict his bio.

Not to mention, Madeon just moved to America a few months ago so this only fuels the release of a new album. We’ll see what time unveils about his status, but one thing is for sure—we all want new music from Madeon.

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