Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from the '90s techno duo T99. In 1991, the duo released their legendary track Anasthasia, and 19 years later, it's received a massive remix package, including an amazing electro remix from Cyrk.

The instantly recognizable rave stab sits above a tough and bouncy electro rhythm, bringing the past into the future with cutting edge sonic energy. We caught up with Cyrk to find out more about the creation of the remix. 

Words and photos by Cyrk

We got invited to remix rave classic T99 Anasthasia by our old friend Jérôme aka Cri Du Coeur. We always loved that track so it was a pleasure and a challenge to make it work with our electro sound.

We messed around with the Roland TR8S a lot before finding the right beat. We decided we will use a simple 808 kit.

For the hi-hats, we used The Oto Bim kit by Krikor. We processed the drum machine thru the Elektron Analog Drive to get some dirt and thought of a bassline with our M303 from Acidlab/ Seek sequencer. We really like that combo, it can replicate a TB303 but can also sound very different.

Once the basic groove was there, we thought it lacked some sub, that's where the Roland SH101 shines. A simple " sine wave" style sub did the job.

We loaded samples from the original track in the Elektron Octatrack and tried a few things, we came up with a very simple rave melody, but we thought we should also use the original melody, so we decided to place it in 2 breaks. We also used a vocal sample.

To spice the whole thing up, it was time to turn on the Virus TI snow. we use it a lot for special background effects, it is very deep and stereo and always works really well.

We almost always mix in the box, we use a lot of plugins for special effects inside Ableton Live.

This is our way to make a track :)

Grab your copy of the remix here.