The best thing about electronic dance music is that it can pull influences and inspiration from almost any other genre of music. As long as it's got a dance-friendly beat then it's safe to label it as dance music.

And depending on the variations of influences, the end result can create some truly memorable genres; none more so than Jazz House.

So ahead of her latest release, a collaboration with renowned jazz artist Nick Phillips which you can stream below, we spoke with Tyler Stone about her favorite jazz house record that every fan of both genres has to know about.

1. Herb Alpert “Rise” (A&M 1979)

Released right at the end of the disco era and the inspiration for “Movin’ On”, “Rise” marked a departure from Herb Alpert’s previous Tijuana Brass-inspired music. 

While it nods to his Tijuana past, it veers decidedly in disco, jazz, and funk territory. I find myself drawn to the laidback disco vibe.

2. Mark de Clive-Lowe “Chocolate Sunday (feat. Kim Paterson)” (Mashibeats 2000)

When I think of electronic jazz, Mark de Clive-Lowe is the first person that comes to mind. An electronic jazz pioneer, he continues to push the envelope using his piano jazz chops over complex yet groove-inspired electronic beats. Released in 2000, “Chocolate Sunday” was a staple in my record bag for a long time.

3. Lyric L “When You Read This (Atjazz Remix)” (Makin’ Moves 2022)

I was first introduced to British DJ and producer Atjazz sometime in the mid-’90s. His style of fusing jazz, house, and all things electronic speaks to me. It’s great to have him still kicking out amazing work like this remix.

4. Saison “Man of Soul (FG Deep Jazz Remix)” (No Fuss Records 2022)

The trumpet solo alone on this screams of jazz but the bed of chords and swinging beats bring it home. This is what I want to hear while I’m sipping my favorite wine and watching the sunset.

5. Carmen McRae “How Long Has This Been Going On? (MJ Cole Remix)” (Verve 2002)

Introducing MJ Cole to remix legendary American jazz singer Carmen McRae was a stroke of genius from the good people at Verve. 

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Spotlight Track: Peter Brown - So Funny (Original Mix)

Rephrasing the vocals over a delicate UK garage-leaning groove, MJ’s complete departure from the original still stays true to the song. I simply can’t get enough of it.

6. Jo Paciello “Jazz Noir” (Shocking Sounds 2022)

When I hear this I feel like I’ve just arrived at a modern-day version of The Cotton Club. Equal parts jazz and house, this track will swing you right onto the dancefloor. 

It may be jazz noir, but it doesn’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

7. Jon Dixon “Feel Your Touch feat. L’Renee (Jimpster Remix)” (4EVR 4WRD 2022)

The vocals on this are a step back in time to the vocalese of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. Jazz-meets-house perfection, Jimpster’s remix has a certain back-to-the-future quality.

8. St Germain “So Flute” (Parlophone 2000)

No list of jazz-infused house tracks is complete without a nod to St. Germain. “So Flute” got the most wear from the needle during my sets. I loved to play the acapella at the beginning over everything.

9. Stateless “Falling Into (Swell Session Mix)” (Freerange Records 2002)

This song sticks to me like glue every time. 

There’s something magical about the way the vocals float effortlessly alongside the keys and then there are the little vocal stabs that wake you up just before you think you’re dreaming. Nu-jazz at its finest.

10. Ian Pooley “What's Your Number (Jazzanova Re-Number)” (Nuphonic 1999)

German collective Jazzanova has brought so much jazz to house music that it’s hard to pick just one standout track. More than 20 years after its initial release, this one remains a favorite though.

 From Ian Pooley’s great original, this broken beat rework brings the track to life in a new way that satisfies my jazz cravings and urge to dance.