Brook Gee Records can seem to do no wrong of late, releasing a steady string of phenomenal house music that we simply can't enough of. 

Their latest release sees Peter Brown, a Barcelona-based producer with some serious credits to his name. With a sound that ranges from deep house to tech, his productions have caught fire across the globe and garnered him support from industry heavyweights like Toolroom, Spinnin', and Ministry of Sound.

"So Funny" is a groovy house tune with all the staples of the genre. But where many other tracks in this niche sound gimmicky and overplayed, Peter Brown taps into the timeless qualities of what has kept the genre alive and well through the decades. Whether it's the energetic drums, the uplifting instrumentation, or the anthemic vocal sample that is chopped over the top, this track has something that every house music fan will be enraptured by. 

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