ilo ilo have officially established 2019 as their year with the stunning track “come thru”; a highlight off their newest EP “i wish i said this to u sooner”.

“come thru” is the most exciting track of ilo ilo’z newest EP.

“come thru” starts like a Lido remix, or a Mura Masa tune, but quickly defines itself in it’s own category. Mastering the art of tension, the verses perfectly juxtapose the chorus in sonic texture. The verses pull back enough to make the chorus parts hit hard; and the perfect jagged sawtooth bassline absolutely crushes. Along with the melting bassline, ilo ilo staggers the vocals to chop them up to dance over perfectly. It’s the right amount of melodic static to balance it all out.

ilo ilo "come thru" with an Absolute Banger

ilo ilo come thru IG iloilofeel

Thankfully, ilo ilo isn’t shy about “dropping the bass” by honoring the short build to slam us into the chorus.

As the chorus winds down, ilo ilo sprinkles in some perfectly short guitar riffs to punctuate the sunset vibes. Tastefully, ilo ilo balances the dubstep/electro basslines with wonderful midtempo groove that perfectly moves to the melody’s vocals. There are pop tendencies here, but their sonic texture surrounding “come thru” is intriguing enough to keep you coming back for more.

“you should just come thru / you know we got time to lose / yeah your friends say its alright / but you’re feeling the vibe / baby you should just come thru / baby you should” are the perfect lyrics to translate the goal of ilo ilo’s tune.

Hit the SoundCloud link below to listen to ilo ilo’s track “come thru” off their fresh EP “i wish i said this to u sooner” and add it to your rotation of current tunes to jam out to, maybe even pushing your speakers to the max.