Following a string of growling bass house releases, the 152 Records mainstay, Hysterism offers a lighter side of electronic music with ‘Sballo Wallow’.  The London based artist finds a melody to bring people out of a funk, onto the dance floor and living their best life.  Bursting with good vibes, the melodic bass house tune brings out Marshmello and JOYRYDE vibes. Opening with serene, drawn-out chords and a glittering vocal from an unnamed singer, the song soon whips itself into a frenzy, with a tightly packed series of jittering synths and jolting basslines.

Hysterism shares,“Sballo Wallow lives within each one of us. You just need to look inside and take it out.” Play this song when it starts to hurt…  Scope the music video directed by frequent collaborator Lorenzo Ramerini

Well known for his releases on Most Addictive, Adaptive Records and High Scream Records and ability to nail a wide range of genres from trap to drum & bass, Hysterism has beckoned excellent feedback from DJs such as Stratus, Dirtyphonics, Far Too Loud and Kj Sawka. In addition, Hysterism’s exhilarating sound matched perfectly with Quiksilver and Fox’s action sports videos, as well as Screamride for Xbox and other short films.  Sample more of his collection as you read our exclusive interview.

‘Sballo Wallow’ is full of PLUR vibes. Is there a PLUR culture in Italy and the UK?

I think these four fundamental values are valid in Italy as in England and worldwide. Too bad humans are often contradictory, they’re not always capable of following their principles with continuity.

I am a fan of the line ‘All I want to be is inside this melody’. Can you elaborate on that line?

Sometimes the right notes at the right moment, are all it takes to create a perfectly magic moment.

Who are some artists that inspired this particular release?

I listen to a massive quantity of music and a great variety of genres, I never had a specific point of reference. I mix, create, cut and craft everything that brings me emotion.

Can you find any videos or commercials your music has been featured in online?

Fox Head/Fox Europe, QuikSilver, Screamride on Xbox and for Inspired Pictures’ Shadows Main Theme. 

What are 5 tracks you find at the forefront of electronic music?

    1. The Prodigy – Firestarter
    2. Robin S – Show Me Love
    3. Pendulum – The island part 1 & 2
    4. Kill The Noise – Kill the Noise Pt. I
    5. Michael Sembello – Maniac

If you could beat one world record, what would it be?

Definitely best serial accumulator of Horror-B movies. I’d be proud of that.

What is one philosophy that you like to live by?

What you seek, is seeking you

What is next for Hysterism?

I’m working with 152 Records’s team to take our artists on tour in Europe (hopefully we’ll be Covid free soon). I’m currently also working on soundtracks and singles that will be released soon.

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