Recent years have witnessed a massive migration in the entertainment scene, with DJs transitioning into music composition, if not production. Though it might have been a surprise move earlier, it’s become common today. However, not every other DJ out there can become an artist. You might interact with various musical aspects, but it demands something special to become an artist or producer. You can think of a few names, such as the legendary DJ Khaled as well as the sensational DJ SHORTKUTZ.

DJ SHORTKUTZ is no stranger to the American music scene. The New York-based DJ and producer turned artist is notable for his exceptional skills. DJ Shortkutz is widely celebrated for his open format DJs and as an ambassador of all the hottest parties and events. Throughout his DJing career, he plays and performs at high-profile events in the fashion world, corporate, and music for charitable events.

DJ, Shortkutz has spun in South Africa, Dubai, Mexico, Panama, China, Japan, Bahamas, and throughout the Caribbean as he is currently a bi-monthly resident at Casa Nightclub in the French West Indies island of St Barths. Some of the big names he worked with include Justin Bieber, Rihanna, JAY Z., Leo DiCaprio, Puff Daddy, Heidi Klum, Jamie Foxx, Miley Cyrus, 50 Cent, and Chris Brown, among many others.

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After many years of playing at the top of his game, DJ SHORTKUTZ decided to bring the energy closer to the people. The hyped DJ has transitioned into the music scene as an artist and is already commanding airwaves with his debut single, “Out Of Love”. The song is a full-of-energy love song where Shortkutz pours out his heart. A well-orchestrated project, he gave his best in the single from the catchy lyrics, thrilling beats, and visuals. Everything was done to perfection. Incredibly, the single has amassed hundreds of thousands of views in just four weeks, and DJ Shortkutz is confident of clocking the million mark in the coming weeks.

Though he is on a promising path, DJ SHORTKUTZ wants others to understand that it’s never an easy option. You need to understand music industry dynamics above everything else. DJ Shortkutz highlights that his biggest challenge is dealing with the politics of the music business, which drained his energy. Luckily, the internationally recognized DJ was well-connected with the right strategies and content that helped him overcome the challenges. According to him, talent is essential, but hard work, dedication, and resilience will set you aside from the rest.

“Identify the brand you want to sell and be authentic. Innovation and creativity are also important. Also, keep in mind that hard work and consistency breeds success,” - DJ Shortkutz advises.

With a promising career ahead, DJ Shortkutz wants to continue releasing more thrilling music. He aspires to release a debut album that he believes will feature other exceptional talents. He dreams of growing his fan base on the international stage and traveling the world on tour with his music.