Dillon's third single precursor, "Separate Us", sounds combative and focused. "Meet us at the forefront, instead of run, we gon' confront," she sings, open to the future course, and it sounds like a departure, like a protest.

Along Alexis Troy's continuously evolving arrangement, Dillon sings about power systems, sacrifice, personal responsibility, and freedom. 

Again, she makes clear that everything should be allowed to coexist.  With the release of her third single, she shortens the waiting time for the 3rd album "6abotage", which she describes as a "love letter, a call for help and consequence all in one”.  Shortly after the album's release, from the end of November, Dillon will perform "6abotage" for the first time. 


Sat 13-Aug-22 CH Basel Fondation Beyeler Summer Party

Tue 22-Nov-22 DE Hamburg Mojo

Wed 23-Nov-22 DE Cologne Gloria

Thu 24-Nov-22 NL Utrecht TivoliVredenburg (Cloud Nine)

Sat 26-Nov-22 DE Leipzig Täubchenthal

Tue 29-Nov-22 DE Berlin Heimathafen

Wed 30-Nov-22 DE Munich Freiheitshalle

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Magnetic's Interview With Dillon

What memories, life experiences, and stories in your life could you not have made this album without?

Every track on the album is connected to specific events and persons in my life, but I cannot go into more detail than that. There are 5 years between 6abotage and my previous album, Kind. A lot has happened, not just for me but in the world. 6abotage is a reflection of the past 5 years.

Where did you start this album? And where did you finish it?

I started working on this album in Berlin, where I also finished it.

Tell me of a lesson you learned while writing this album that you wish you would have learned sooner in life.

Love and abuse cannot coexist.

What is the biggest takeaway you want your listeners to get when they hear this album?

I find comfort in this album. Knowing that falling apart can lead to an opportunity for change and growth, I find beauty and hope in it. It's an album to fall apart and put yourself back together to.

Which song on the album took the least time to write and why?

6abotage. It was the first song I wrote for the album and paved the path for what followed. When Alexis sent me the instrumental, I sat down to write, and by the time I got up again, it was finished.

How has this album changed you and your sound?

The album has not changed me but the sound of this album differs significantly from any of my previous work mostly because of Alexis. His production is what drove me to want to write another album and also what allowed me to evolve lyrically. I found so much comfort in his work that I was able to fully fall apart.

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