Clams Casino has released a new instrumental mixtape titled Winter Flower. The project was made during lockdown. Winter Flower features source material from Japanese jazz and modern classical composer Ryota Nozaki, also known as Jazztronik, on a number of tracks. Nozaki sent select recordings over the course of 2020 and they were shaped into this mixtape.

Clams Casino has been one of the more influential producers of the past decade, putting out work with the likes of Lil B, The Weeknd, Mac Miller, Vince Staples and A$AP Rocky. However, Winter Flower takes a step away from hip-hop into stranger, experimental stuff. Songs like “Unknown” start and stop with instruments cutting out at random, while on “Pine” the percussion keep on evolving with heavy, open and reverbed drums that sound like hitting a garbage can. Winter Flower has a melancholic feel to it like the dive into seasonal depression, accentuated by a damn pandemic.

Winter Flower is short, sweet and doesn’t overstay its welcome. The songs are about two minutes each, never settling too long on one idea. Get your copy now here.

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