It’s easy to for artists to get caught up trying to push bass music to its limit with their own remixes. Sometimes though, their efforts get swept to the wayside because the original track was already heavy enough. Luckily, ARIUS’s remix of Riot Ten’s Rail Breaker isn’t that. In a lot of ways ARIUS’s remix is exactly what we needed.

It’s playfully emotional take on a song originally meant for headbanging makes for a great contrast that will have you laughing while simultaneously appreciating its beauty. The drop, while melodic and flowey still maintains Arius’s signature sound. It’s a hard feat to pull off but ARIUS did it seamlessly.

Riot Ten – Rail Breaker ft. Rico Act(ARIUS REMIX FT. LEROME SWISS)

It’s no surprise Matt Nguyen knows how to entertain as his dance crew Poreotics is currently killing it in this season’s World of Dance on NBC. ARIUS has done a great job of translating that talent to their own act thus far. Make sure to check out their remix below and catch them this year at Bass Canyon, and Dancefestopia Music Festival.