You may know actor, writer and director Larry Joe Campbell from According to Jim, Hall Pass, Pacific Rim, Mom, Space Force, Wedding Crashers, and The Orville. Most recently, Larry Joe appears in Growing Belushi on Discovery, alongside Jim Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Chris Karakosta, where he and the Belushi’s Farm team make their mark in the cannabis industry and spread the benefits of legalized marijuana.

We asked Larry Joe the inspiration behind this special playlist: The medicinal magic of cannabis! We humans are meant to come together. We are meant to herd, not to separate. Love is the key ingredient to that. To love enough, to keep investing in one another despite our differences…. I find the main ingredient in all of these songs is love. Love in the seeking, love in the journey, love in the friendly smile to one another.”

We couldn’t agree more, Larry Joe! Featuring songs by Modest Mouse, Bon Iver, Nappy Roots and more, this week’s Weedsday Playlist will fill your heart with love and pairs well with your favorite flower.

1. Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow

This is a great song to wake up to, and so it kicks off this playlist. I made a vow two years ago to wake up and say a prayer of gratitude — gratitude for a new day, a day filled with possibilities.

2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - St Ides

So many great lyrics in this one…”nothing really is a big deal, one hand on the steering wheel…we gonna be alright.” And “I know the devil fancy me, but that don’t mean the motherf*cker get to dance with me.” But ultimately it’s the great memories of riding around with my youngest and singing away to this song. I’d throw “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd in for the very same reason…seeing my kids in the rearview mirror scream singing, “We’re just two lost souls swimmin’ in a fish bowl year after year.” Priceless.

3. Modest Mouse - Missed the Boat

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I always come back to this song to regain perspective. It’s all in these lines “Oh, and I know this of myself, I assume as much for other people. Oh, and I know this of myself…We've listened more to life's end-gong than the sound of life's sweet bells.” I can get caught up in fear and anxiety and that keeps me from the present moment. This is a good reminder to stick to our senses and listen to good music, smell the great outdoors, taste what’s good, and feel the love in others.

4. Bon Iver - 33 “GOD”

I love Bon Iver. I find this particular song to be a search for answers and for truth and the ever-present level of uncertainty and doubt. I have a newer tradition I try to uphold during lent in which I give up social media. I’ve added a reading list to that journey which will include The Daily Stoic, Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” books by Mary Oliver, Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chödrön, and The Dog, the Wolf, and God. Looking forward to walking into the “wilderness” of uncertainty with these readings.

5. Marvin Gaye - God is Love

Marvin Gaye is the best. The very best. And I believe cannabis is a gift from God. It heals. It’s medicine. God is love. We are all connected and love is the binding agent. With all that is wrong with the world, maybe it’s cannabis that can bring us all together.


Nappy Roots - Good Day

If I’m allowed a sixth track, it’s gotta be this one. It’s a feel good, get your body movin’, fun-ass song!