Up and coming singer Shiah Maisel is here to light up the world with his newest single, “Really Love You”. Partnered with global dance music icon Afrojack, “Really Love You” effortlessly maneuvers between funky club beat and head bopping hit. With Afrojack’s new single, “Trampoline” with David Guetta and featuring Missy Elliot, BIA, and Doechii, along with his new GRAMMY nomination for “Hero” also with Guetta, Afrojack is showcasing his strong versatility across genres once again.

Maisel’s silky smooth vocal shining alongside arpeggiating synths and uplifting strings represents modern electro-pop at its finest. The collision between fierce vocal and dynamic beats sparks new energy and excitation, a declaration of his strongest comeback yet.

Be sure to check out Afrojack, David Guetta, Missy Elliott, BIA, and Doechii’s highly-anticipated collaboration now!