Are you watching the new season of Growing Belushi on Discovery? If so, you’ll see the Fohse team working alongside Jim Belushi and the Belushi’s Farm team to equip the farm with state-of-the-art LED fixtures to increase cannabis production. Fohse is pushing the future of horticultural science and engineering and a manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights. With that in mind, they sparked one up for a new lights-inspired Weedsday playlist.

"We’re making smoke sesh happen! Cannabis growers using Fohse LED lights have seen yields increase from 25%-60%," say Fohse in a statement. "Higher yields means more product to smoke and Fohse loves these tunes that go along with great light!”

1. Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft. Kid Cudi & Rihanna

"Fast cars, shooting stars (All of the lights, all of the lights) Until it's Vegas everywhere we are (All of the lights)...” Fohse is based in Vegas where we work with a bunch of local Vegas based growers — making your Vegas smoke sessions a possibility since all Vegas weed is grown indoors.

2. The Weeknd - Blinding Lights

"I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights…” Fohse lights won’t blind you, they are LED lights, but they will make you grow more weed while using less energy.

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3. Limp Bizkit feat. Snoop Dogg - Red Light - Green Light

“Red light, green light. You ready to roll?” Did you know that Fohse is not just lights for professional growers? You can get ready to roll at home with our Aries light that is created for home growers!

4. The Doors - Light My Fire

"You know that it would be untrue. You know that I would be a liar. If I was to say to you. Girl, we couldn't get much higher.” Fohse lights do not lie. Increase those yields by having the right source of lights.

5. Journey - Lights

"When the lights go down in the City, And the sun shines on the bay….” When our time comes, we are happy to know that we at Fohse helped create an impact by designing the best possible grow lights that have revolutionized the industry and put focus on energy consumption and sustainability when growing the precious flower.