Maxi Jazz, the legendary vocalist and co-founder of seminal recording group Faithless, has joined forces with electronic music’s fastest rising artist, Vintage Culture, on a new dance classic ‘Commotion’.

Maxi’s instantly recognizable vocals set the stage for a social commentary and vivid description of society today. Driven by Vintage Culture’s hypnotic rhythms and swirling instrumental melodies, ‘Commotion’ draws the listener into a musical experience which simultaneously provokes thought and a visceral reaction. Fueled by a relentless bassline and atmospheric musical tones, Vintage Culture creates a unique sonic landscape over which Maxi paints a lyrical portrait of life in 2022.

Regarding their collaboration, Vintage Culture said: “The lyrical wizardry of Maxi Jazz has been an inspiration for many years. Few artists can create such a vivid lyrical picture and simultaneously put these words to melody as Maxi. It is an honor to work with this legend on our new track ‘Commotion.’”

Maxi Jazz added: “These lyrics arrived in the middle of the night while I was pondering the difference between the world I grew up in and where we are today. Like most people, I'm more than a little concerned over the future for generations to come and the words took 20 minutes to write. They poured out of me like a tap. And they come from a place of love, not fear.”