Coming off releases like ‘Goats on Acid’ for Space Yacht and ‘How to be a Savage’ on Savage Society Records, Tiigers surfaces on Electronyze Me with ‘Wastelands Arena’. Tiigers progresses dubstep with an aggressive, bass heavy track developed with a sharp sound design. The energy is palpable, reminiscent of a release on Monstercat or by Beligum tastemaker, Eptic and is guaranteed to treat you right on the dancefloor.

Tiigers ‘Wasteland Arena’

Tiigers shares: “The reason why I made ‘Wastelands Arena’ is because I love Fallout 3 from Bethesda and in the intro the line saying “hello wastelands” is three dogs the radio speaker for almost the whole game and he keeps warning you about the dangers of the wasteland.  Arena is because you need to keep fighting about everything in the wastelands so is also a reminder to everyone to keep fighting against the bad things that happen, because you never know what is about to come you only can be prepared to the worst thing that could possibly happen in your future, but staying positive.”

Tiigers recently brought his standout take on bass music to the stage of Rampage Belgium and Dub Valley.
Tiigers Rampage Belgium

His latest release ‘Respawn’ has taken off, garnering the support from major players such as Circus Records’ top-tier producer FuntCase while his ‘Clockwork’ has peaked 500,000 streams.

Enjoy a sample of  Tiigers’ live sets via his mix with the Finnish flagship electronic music outlet Let The Bass Get You.



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