Melodic bass is a semi-new genre of music that has been dominating the festival circuit for the last year or two. With it's beautiful harmonies and thundering drops, it's no secret why many DJs and artist have started introducing its sounds into their sets.

No single artist does this better and more seamlessly than Jason Ross (Ophelia Records, Anjunabeats).

And with the release of his new album, Atlas, we figured there is no better time than now for the mainstage staple to breakdown the highs and sub-sonic lows of the genre by recommending his best melodic bass tracks of all time. 

So let's dive in... 

Stream Jason Ross' New Album Atlas

Jason explains what the genre 'melodic bass' is later in this article, but at the end of the day, music is all about hearing it in action.

So before we dive too far into Jason's favorite genre tracks, it would be far easier for you to listen for yourself. And no single body of work is a better representation of where the genre is at.

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Sure, Jason Ross' new Atlas album features a wide swath of genres, which puts the genre itself into context as you soak in all the influences converging to form a genre that is taking the festival circuit by storm. 

Jason Ross' Favorite Melodic Bass Songs

What Exactly Is 'Melodic Bass Music'?

With new genres popping up left, right, and center these days, it can be tough to track what the hell melodic bass music even is these days.

Melodic bass is a genre that blends the sub-powered energy of genres such as dubstep and D&B with the euphoric melodies of progressive and trance. The resulting effect is that of extreme emotional highs and explosively impactful drops.

But as with any genre, melodic bass is also more about the feeling that the music conjures. And no artist could have said it better than when Jason Ross himself explains what melodic bass music means to him...

What I love above both melodic bass and trance are the emotional qualities that come with it. What grabs me most in a song are the melodies and that uplifting feeling that it can have on me. That's what really got me into dance music; listening to acts like Above & Beyond, Tiesto and even Seven Lions with his more dubstep-flavored melodic bass music. Pair those melodies with high energy production and you have a perfect blend of what I love about these genres. - JR