Each year, a plethora fake lineups circulate the internet. users and trolls the deep web come together in an effort to , get a good laugh, or ultimately just embody vis-à-vis the curatorial form.

The latest pseudo-Coachella lineup poster, generated by AI community Botnik Studios, has to be one the most unique lineups we’ve seen yet.

The online collective unveiled their very own Coachella 2018 poster comprised entirely made-up monikers generated by a “neural network,” trained to analyze the names existing musical acts, and the final result is pretty outrageous.

Botnik’s boasts headliners like Fanch, One Pig, and Lil Hack, as well as what we think would be solid EDM mainstays like Fistopia, Maja, Thou Bald Lungo, Man Mist, Slup, Jonathan Is High, and Skin Clump. While these artists are in reality 100 percent fictional, we can imagine an alternate universe where some the utterly outrageous acts could rule the world, and that’s pretty sick.

This Coachella lineup  AI-generated artists is outrageous