Breakbot is back and Franz Ferdinand too! LUXXURY and Poolside keep bringing the heat, and lots of new and established artists are here to keep them company, so sit back and enjoy some of the best disco and funk January had to offer, or better yet, get up and dance!

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1. Breakbot - Remedy feat. Irfane

Breakbot is back with "Remedy," the first track off his upcoming March release The Remedy EP. "Remedy" has a breezy nu-disco feel, but the lyrics reflect all of our desire for a release from the negativity of the last two years. The companion animated video is a staple of any Breakbot release and this one is as fun as any of his past releases. This track is just what the doctor ordered!

2. Andy Buchan - Reasons

"Reasons" is going to give you plenty of reasons to hit the dancefloor! This track is a deeply funky affair, with killer bass lines, whistles, and spacey synths. Andy Buchan keeps the ace up his sleeve too and changes the tone of the whole track at the 2:36 mark, then back again at 3:07. This song is going to guarantee a great time for anyone who listens!

3. Kim & Buran - Phazerdelique

Welcome to cosmic disco! Kim & Buran's "Phazerdelic" is reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder and Cerrone while still feeling very much in the now. The track is synth perfection. This track will let you dance under the starry skies or maybe even to other solar systems.

4. Jazz Mango - Juicy Life

George Murphy aka Jazz Mango brings his funky trumpet stylings to the Hive label with "Juicy Life." The use of the sampled female voices (I think one is Oprah) is the perfect contrast to the bass, congas, and of course, that trumpet! We all do need a second lease on life, an opportunity to begin again. This song just might help you do just that.

5. Brothers In Arts - Pull Up

Brothers In Arts are very busy these days between releasing their own tracks and remixing other artists. "Pull Up" shows that they are on top of their game, giving us full throttle disco gems every time! "Pull Up" samples The Bar-Kays "Traffic Jammer" perfectly, keeping the integrity of the original while still feeling very much like its own track.

6. Smoke Balls - Some Kind Of Magic (Mark Brickman & Yam Who? Extended Remix)

Massimo Anelli and Max Montorio are the duo known as Smoke Balls, and the Mark Brickman and Yam Who? extended remix of "Some Kind of Magic" is dancefloor gold! This track is sexy and comes just in time for Valentine's Day lovers. If you have a special connection with someone, make sure to listen to this track and share a dance with them!

7. Drop Out Orchestra - Burnin' Up feat. Nell Shakespeare (Jean Jacques Smoothie Remix)

Drop Out Orchestra have been killing it with their last few releases and the Jean Jacques Smoothie remix of "Burnin' Up" is no different. Nell Shakespeare's vocal adds a layer of heat to the track and when she says it's hot in here, she knows it's because you can't stop dancing to this banger!

8. Franz Ferdinand - Curious

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Franz Ferdinand's greatest hits collection Hits To The Head comes out March 11th, but in advance of that is the fun, dance forward new track "Curious." The sound is still classic Franz, but with a touch of disco shine at its core. I defy you not to dance to this track!

9. Dobao - Contigo

Ema Dobao is a newcomer to the chart and I am here to say welcome! "Contigo" has a nice Latin flair that will easily pull you straight onto the dancefloor. The translation of "Contigo" is "with you," and I definitely hope to share more Dobao tracks with you in the future!

10. Daisybelle & Tasty Lopez - Starlight (Extended Club Edit)

UK-based producer Daisybelle and vocalist Tasty Lopez have put together a perfect summer jam right in the middle of winter! "Starlight" is the kind of track that has staying power with its sweet simplicity and positivity. Definitely add this one to your playlists!

11. Third Attempt - Age Of Steam

All aboard the funk train! Third Attempt's "Age of Steam" is a love letter to the locomotive. This is an old-school funk jam that is bell bottoms and fly hat ready. This is lip-biting funk with a little spacey, acid synth thrown in for good measure. This is the perfect song to drift away to.

12. LUXXURY - Just Like It Was Before feat. Jill Lamoreaux (Art of Tones Remix)

When LUXXURY released "Just Like It Was Before" back in October, I thought it was a great song, very chill and lovely to listen to, so I couldn't have been more pleased to hear the Art of Tones remix. This remix adds the perfect amount of nu-disco gloss and begs to be listened to poolside. Grab a drink and enjoy!

13. Sam Ruffillo - Perfetta Cosi (Gome Remix)

Sam Ruffillo makes disco the old-fashioned way, with real-life instruments, musicians, and vocalists. The result is a sound that's organic and could have been made in the '70s or now. Gome adds his special extra-disco touch to this dreamy jam. "Perfetta Cosi" translates to perfect like that, and I agree!

14. Mannix - Hope feat. Morris Revy (Mannix Extended Vocal Mix)

Who doesn't need an extra dose of "Hope" right now? Mannix has been in the game for a long time and is still producing some of the best tunes in the business. Morris Revy's vocals are a ray of positivity in a time where we need positivity more than ever. 

15. Poolside & Brijean - Better When We're Close

The partnership of Poolside and Brijean is a match made in yacht disco heaven! "Better When We're Close" is a dreamscape floating on a fluffy marshmallow cloud. Feel free to turn off your mind and drift away for 3:33. You'll be glad you did!

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