After reaching the Top Ten of Triple J’s Unearthed Charts, Australian producer Teen Fiction continues his story with “Let You Go”

Based in the Gold Coast, Teen Fiction complements his lush, layered electronic soundscapes with short stories. “Let You Go”, the second chapter in his forthcoming EP, picks up from his most recent release “Have You Back”

Somewhere south of paradise you never regret not sleeping more. But how else to find that first one? The first to make you question if others are not far behind.

See I'm not a player I just crush sometimes and you cheat sometimes but we had to start somewhere. Jesus forgives and while your boy might not, I don't see any rings here aside from the one I pretend hangs over my head when I talk to girls like you.

I like my relationships to begin from the end so that they only go up but seems we got too high besides highways, rolling on the coastline, to living across an ocean with a blocked number and a soul full of bad vibes. Alessandra but my phone still reads Aly; one L is a power play girl, you were always a minimalist. Coco Chanel said you gotta put on your outfit & when you're ready to leave, take one piece off. Instagram knows you took that to heart.