Today, Popular bass music artists SVDDEN DEATH and SNAILS have released their new collaboration, “Deathmatch.” It is a combination of dubstep and riddim sounds that will have you mesmerized throughout its entirety. Truthfully, it sounds like you are in the middle of an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse, destroying everything in your path. Certainly, it will give you some major adrenaline once you listen to it.

This is the first collaboration SVDDEN Death and Snails have made together. In 2018, they actually toured together, bringing some epic bass music around North America. It seems fitting that these two artists would eventually create a killer single such as this one. Both of them are truly adored in the dubstep/riddim music scene.

Check out the new single below. Stay tuned for more new music by these two talented music makers.

SVDDEN DEATH and SNAILS Release New Collaboration "Deathmatch"