Metallica has given a particularly spectacular performance in Munich thanks to the help of a thunderstorm.

The heavy metal band recently paid a visit to Munich’s Olympiastadion last night (May 24), where they closed out their show in a rather striking fashion.

Metallica’s shows are known for their lighting setup, which sees the band surrounded by a circle of eight glowing lights that shoot lasers from the top. At Munich last night, this was made all the more impressive with the help of lightning, which struck just as the band commened their classic ‘Master of Puppets’.

A fan has captured the moment the lightning struck in the sky, writing: “Went to the Metallica concert in München today, a thunderstorm happened and it made for the coolest fucking intro of all time”.

Watch the incredible moment below:

NME reviewed Metallica when they visited Amsterdam, giving their live show four stars: “Metallica have always been a gateway band for heavy music, but there’s a renewed excitement around them now. Tonight’s surprising, ambitious and giddy gig matches that energy at every turn. Their closing crossover track ‘Master Of Puppets’ naturally goes off, but then so do all of the songs on the setlist.

“From the gorgeous ‘Nothing Else Matters’ through to the unifying ‘Seek & Destroy’, the majesty of heavy music is on full display throughout the gig as Metallica prove why they’re clearly still the greatest metal band around.”

We also spoke with the band last year, where drummer Lars Ulrich opened up about the impact of Stranger Things on their fanbase. The show used ‘Master of Puppets’ during a key scene in the show’s season 4 finale.

“We see a lot of 13 to 14-year-olds coming for the first time,” said Ulrich. “There’s always been a coming-of-age element to our shows, and just look at the Stranger Things phenomena of last summer.

“That came out of nowhere and all of a sudden introduced Metallica to a whole other set of younger people.”

The conversation was released around the time of their latest album ‘72 Seasons‘, which NME also gave four stars: “For young fans just now learning the joys of heavy rock – perhaps lured in by the appearance of this band’s 1986 classic ‘Master of Puppets’ on Netflix megahit Stranger Things last year – this new record will be a fitting gateway drug. For everyone else there’s simply the reassuring thrill that, after so many decades on stage, Metallica are still capable of delivering sharp, spiky metal – and sticking it where the sun doesn’t shine.”

In other news, James Hetfield now has a new tattoo with Lemmy’s ashes in it.

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