Recently, French artist Folamour released his much-anticipated album The Journey, a 12-track follow-up to his highly praised Ordinary Drugs LP in 2019. Being one of the hottest acts in the disco-house scene, his new work is sure to set the dancefloor on fire. He had this to say about The Journey:

“I composed this album in metropolises and no man's land, inspired by moments that marked me, changed me, feelings that I could carry strong within me, trials and surprises. To express all these emotions, I deeply changed my way of composing, a change that I had already started with my second album "Ordinary Drugs", putting aside samples and computers and concentrating on writing texts, recording strings and brass, drums, voice too, in order to be as close as possible to the moment I wanted to represent. I set no limits on format or genre, allowing me the freedom to choose the right tool for the picture.”

The Journey by Folamour is available now on all major platforms.