Steve Aoki Takes A Stand For Female DJ EqualityWhether we like it or not, the EDM scene is primarily dominated by male DJs. However, now more than ever, this is something that has to be changed. TMZ caught up with Steve Aoki recently to ask him for his take on the ongoing gender inequality issue in the EDM community. Aoki responded by stating not only does he believe there is inequality, he also knows that it has to change. One solution that he proposes is that “promoters need to make a stand and book more female DJs.” This isn’t the first time Aoki has commented on gender inequality in the EDM community. In a past interview, Aoki was asked the topic and he commented that male DJs should step aside and allow more female DJs gain the spotlight.

If you haven’t noticed, gender inequality is becoming more and more an issue in the industry. If you look at the results this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 poll, there are only 4 female acts on the list with Nervo coming in at the highest spot at number 42. In a recent post on Facebook, DJ Lady Faith responded to Aoki’s interview with TMZ and stated an alternative solution. She states that one way female producers/DJs can gain recognition in the industry is if record label owners and promoters provide them with more opportunities to spread awareness their talents. You can check out her response as well as Aoki’s interview below. I, for one, would love to see more female headliners in future lineups so let’s make this happen together as a community.