announced he’ll be playing at San Francisco’s Midway on March 30 in an effort to raise funds for his annual  camp, Playground.

Having been playing on Black Rock City’s playa for over a decade, the techno don has become a festival staple and announced that the funds raised for Playground will all go towards building “an amazing production.”

According to the fundraiser’s press release, “Carl started his Playground camp as a way to celebrate all that Burning Man is and as a way to give back to a culture that he loves.”

“From that humble start, it has steadily grown over the years and in a very organic way because the energy, music and people are what makes Playground so special.”

At his fundraising show in San Francisco, Cox will be performing alongside , Syd Gris, Brennen Grey, Rooz, Kramer, Tamo, and Paul Skinback.

Carl Cox announces fundraiser for his Burning Man production