Back in July, Steve Aoki and his business partner Lawrence Vavra came together to launch a brand new pizza delivery company called “Pizzaoki“. Ever since its inception, the Los Angeles spot has been a rapid success. The business has been doing so well that they are looking into further expanding the company with more stores soon.

Pizzaoki has one store location and is currently delivery-only, but it’s now primed for rapid expansion with five more potential locations later this year. The franchises would continue to be based in Los Angeles, with stores being planned around Studio City, Downtown LA, Venice and Encino.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t considered branching out of Los Angeles. The guys have discussed plans of future locations in San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Miami, New York, Chicago and even Europe in 2019.

With the pizza company being delivery-only and only selling in LA Postmates and UberEats, the duo is aware of the brand’s limitations and have commented on the matter in an interview with Forbes, stating:

If you reside in the Los Angeles area, make sure to give Pizzaoki a try!

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