Lorna James is ready to showcase her skills and talents as a prolific pianist and composer, as her well-versed knowledge and expertise in the music world, and deep passion for House music have taken her far; yet this is just the beginning of her extraordinary musical journey.

The proficient composer is already making a ripple in the Electronic music world, having released ‘Outside Dance’ and ‘Dance Would Be A Fine Thing’ earlier this year; showing with each production a new side of her limitless genius and expertise.

‘Dance = To Dream (Fear & Loathing Remix)’ starts off with an energetic percussion-focused beat that kickstarts the track with a big party vibe; an all-encompassing bassline creates a heavy and solid foundation where all the other sonic elements like claps, pads and wobbly synths can rest on. A resonant and clear piano with an enigmatic yet compelling melody takes the center of the mix creating a special moment within the song, while the rhythmic elements and textural pads complete the soundscape, making it an interesting immersive experience. This track is one for the Progressive House lovers and party-seekers out there.

This remix brings out the best of Lorna James’ sound and the sound and vibe of Fear and Loathing; a collaboration with the seal of a certified banger, and just in time for the summer.

Lorna James shows once more why her name is one to follow up close, as every release makes more evident the amount of talent and prowess the musician has.

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Make sure to follow Lorna James as she continues to release hard-hitting tracks that display her mastery and abilities, while growing her fanbase, reaching every corner of the world.

‘Dance = To Dream (Fear & Loathing Remix)’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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