The average music listener usually has a few basic playlists on hand. Among these, there's probably a happy one, a sad one, a workout one—maybe even a couple of genre-specific sets. There's nothing wrong with that. 

But it's the musical equivalent of eating at McDonalds.

Why limit your song categories when you could dine on playlists that get a bit more interesting? Instead of deciding between chicken nuggies and a Big Mac each day, your library could transform into a Michelin Star menu of options—for no extra charge.

Try making your own version of these five types of playlists. Or, if you don't know where to start, check out mine. See if you don't wind up craving them. You might even become the friend who gets the aux.

1. The Beach Drive Playlist

Upbeat. Sunshiney. Badass. Meant to be played with the windows down. 

The soundtrack for your hot girl/guy summer. Enough said.

2. The Punchy Playlist

It's more than an "angry playlist."

Think adrenaline rush. Jumping up and down in your room. Head banging. A cathartic, almost physical release via a kickass tune.

Not sure if a song fits? If you can't picture yourself punching the air to it only to fall back breathless onto your bed afterwards, it doesn't belong on this set.

3. The Outdoor Dinner Party Playlist

Smooth. Light. Rhythmic. Classy. Sparkling. A playlist you could both grill food and serve cocktails to. 

You might be wondering... have I ever actually used my outdoor dinner party playlist? 

Unfortunately, no. 

But that's just because I've yet to host an outdoor dinner party. One day, I'll be crafting gorgeous candlelit gatherings on my deck, and knowing that I have a pristine playlist ready for those occasions helps me sleep better than melatonin ever could.

On my version of this playlist, you'll find an elegant soirée of chromaticism, metered groove, synth, and strings, among other things. 

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4. The Funky, Ethereal, Vibey Playlist

An out-of-body type of groove. Rhythmic. Transcendent. You don't know whether to start dancing under the stars or to lay on your back, wowed by the night sky.

For me, this playlist features songs with a synthy or soaring element. Bonus points for buoyant percussion.

5. The Highway At Night Playlist

City lights. Fast cars. Feeling so super cool for wearing sunglasses after sunset. 

Electric and slick and soaring, this one's essential for fast nighttime drives, for feeling young and cool and on top of the world, for black nail polish and platform boots. And for feeling cool. 

Did I mention cool? 

Very, very cool. 

This could also just be called the Simultaneously Cool and Awake at Night Playlist. 

Fill it with whatever fills you with confidence, king/queen.

How to Make a Very Specific Type of Playlist

First, note each of the playlist type's key descriptive words. Is there any song that comes to mind? If not: take a peek through your preexistent playlists/liked songs/artists you love. Still struggling after this? Take a look at our hundreds of charts and recommendations we've spend hours, days, and years curating just for you! 

Once you have a few on the playlist, Spotify will likely come up with suggestions for more songs to add. Check 'em out. If you don't like those, you can also put individual songs on radio or look up similarly-titled playlists.

Still—don't add just anything! 

These scratch-the-itch types of playlists demand perfection from every track. Keep their integrity intact. Of course, you can also try out the playlists I've made, too. Take the songs you like from them and leave the rest.

Whatever route you take, you're sure to sharpen your musical taste buds. The next time your friend calls for a beach trip or you want to host that classy sunset potluck, you'll have the sick tunes to match.

Congrats! Your stash of Spotify playlists just got bigger and better.