When it was time for Salvatore Ganacci's set during the closing weekend of Tomorrowland, the crowd knew they were in for a weird and unexpected performance. Little did they know that the oddities would start before he even took the stage.

Salvatore Ganacci at Tomorrowland Weekend 2

After the announcer stumbled through his introduction of Ganacci and paused because he believed “the ketamine was kicking in”, fans knew that Salvatore would once again deliver the shock value. After a fakeout start, Ganacci emerged from the crowd to take the stage and begin a set that was full of high energy antics and beats he has become known for.

Issues with Weather

Tomorrowland experienced a series of unfortunate mishaps over the last week, specifically the wild whether in Boom caused a stage to collapse forcing Eric Prydz to cancel his Holosphere set. While the weather has continued to be wet throughout the weekend, the crowd doesn't seem to be affected.

Watch Salvatore's introduction below.