Years ago, released hit original, “Core,” made famous for its prominent, top-heavy synths, energetic, distorted vocals, and blaring melodies. Texan producer  has put his own spin on the legendary single that differs from his typical releases that feature Prismo’s own vocals accompanied by sweeping harmonies and placid interludes, such as in his renowned track, “Neverland.” In Prismo’s rendition “Core,” he adds his own futuristic vibe with an unrelenting drop oscillating builds and enthralling progressions.

Prismo has become known as a fearless innovator in dance music, with unique creations that flaunt his lyrical ingenuity and distinct, smooth vocals on top intricate structures bass and rhythm. Some his most captivating pieces include a piano-laden electronic rendition George Michael’s classic “Careless Whisper,” and “In My Mind,” which is a flawless take on and ‘s original. Prismo combines vintage vibes with a new, otherworldly electronic feel, and the result is nothing short breathtaking. With his latest remix, Prismo flexes his talent for engineering an eclectic array sounds to add to his established collection awe-inspiring releases.