Duploc are one of my favorite 140 platforms. They are relentlessly putting out amazing music year in year out and with this DUPLOCROYALS002 project, they've done it yet again. This one features a Leeds-based artist, Mungk, who creates a vast array of dubstep, stretching over all types of textures and soundscapes. 

This release is a hefty 17 track journey, released in digital format with six tracks individually hand-picked for vinyl. It's built as concept project where the narrative follows a monk who questions his faith and embarks on an epic journey of rediscovery. He starts in his homeland of China and then travels through the Middle East and onto India. He lands in Egypt and moves southward through Africa before sailing home to Asia across the sea. 

Mungk drew inspiration from the various cities and countries he's visited. He recorded sounds to insert into his tracks and sampled the instruments from each country he's visited. 

Premiere: Mungk - Varzaneh (DUPLOCROYALS002)

This track really does slap differently. The intro grows on you the more it evolves. Gentle hi-hats and the atmospheric sound of birds chirping draws you into the track, almost giving you the feeling of being in the jungle. A slow distorted flute comes into play during the intro too, getting more and more audible as the drop creeps up on you. The drop is pure sub weight heaviness, but partnered with the flute and these high pitched plucks Mungk has used it becomes such a well produced track. You can really sense the journey he's been on with the samples & instruments used. "Varzaneh" out now to purchase and not stream, which you can do above. You can purchase the entire release here.